6 Places to Eat in Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville may have a reputation as the land of the bachelor(ette) party, but don't let that impede your visit. This little country city has a whole 'lot of eating on offer and you shall not miss a beat.


Skull's Rainbow Room

Skull's is on a little street downtown called Printer's Alley.  In its formative years, it was dodgy on its best day but now, it's a must for any Nashville visit. This place is 60's dinner theatre at it's finest - sit for a prime rib and spirit-forward cocktail, stay for a burlesque performance that'll impress even the toughest critic.

Prince’s Hot Chicken

Prince's literally invented Nashville Hot Chicken. Yes, there will be lines, but there will also be lines for Hattie B's and any other hot chicken joint worth yelling about. Trust me, wait. Do not go anywhere else. IT IS WORTH IT. If you don't know the story about hot chicken, here's an education: one fine day, the handsome Thornton Prince stepped out on his lady. This was the 1930's and he was a bit of a womanizer back then. The next morning, in an effort to seek revenge, his lady doused his fried chicken with hot pepper. Turns out he loved it. Word spread and thus a star is born.

Peg Leg Porker

A favorite amongst the locals, it's all about the pig here. Get the dry rub ribs (how Nash does ribs) the pulled pork sandwich and wash it down with some sweet tea. If you're not asleep immediately following, check out The Gulch for some upmarket shopping as BBQ still lingers on the tongue. 


While Martin's offers a more "modern" take on BBQ, the food is bangin' and the service is spot-on. Come for all the things you love like nachos, sliders and sandwiches piled with meat, stay for the people watching.


Arnold's is by far the most famous, traditionally southern spot in Nashville. They're known for the "meat and three" which means it's cafeteria-style and you choose one meat and three sides / dessert to round out your meal. The line moves quick for this reason, but I recommend going at 11AM when it opens so you avoid the crowds. The roast is a staple as is the Friday catfish.


Plan of action is as follows: be sure you're at the Germantown location. You will know it because it's basically your grandma's house but with communal tables of strangers strewn about. Walk in with your group and get served family-style by said granny. You do not order, everything just comes out and it's four types of meat and sides on sides on sides followed by dessert and you will leave full and happy and maybe with some new friends. THIS IS A NASHVILLE REQUIREMENT GUYS.

Other highlights aside from the snacking include the Parthenon, East Nashville and Five Points. Everything else is a pass - go eat instead.